Proverbs 23:13-14 

Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. 

Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell. 

As I was reading a news article about some middle and high school kids who got into a huge fight at school, this verse came to mind. Obviously, their parents did not take heed to this verse and apply the board of correction to their seat of knowledge when they were small. Had they done so, I doubt I would have been reading about their stunt in yesterday's news. 

I know the world does not like the idea of spanking kids. Every time it is mentioned, the word "abuse" is attached. That is what the enemy of our souls wants the world to think: corporal punishment is abuse. IT IS NOT. The LORD gave each of us a cushion on the back to absorb the "rod" that we would need, because God knew before the beginning of time that we would be stubborn, rebellious, disobedient, wicked, fleshly, selfish and sinful; and the only attempt to drive that out of us is a combination of a daily diet of God's Word, and a good warm application to our bottoms. 

Christian parents: if you have small children, now is the time to start disciplining them. If you love them, you do not want to see them on the evening news. If they make the evening news, more than likely they did something they should not have done, and that will break your heart. Give them Godly correction while they still have time to be molded. Let them know that there are rules to be followed and if they do not follow the rules, there are consequences to be suffered. Along with the discipline, let them know that God loves them with a perfect love, and begin sharing His Word with them EVERY DAY. Let them know that you love them and want the best for them, which is always rooted in Christ Jesus. Take 15 minutes out of your busy day to share with them a verse or two of scripture, until it becomes so enjoyable that you will begin sharing with them whole chapters per day! You will never regret teaching your children the ways of the LORD. (Isaiah 54:13

If you are a parent who is not a Christian, the same thing applies, except you first need to come to a relationship with the LORD Jesus Christ. Repent of your life of sin and ask the LORD to be your Savior and the Master of your life. If you come to Him in sincerity, He will not turn you away. (John 6:37) He will save you and indwell you with His precious Holy Spirit, which will empower you to understand His Word and give you the desire to see your children saved and walking with the LORD. Get in a Bible teaching church, one that focuses less on "stuff" and more on the Word of God, get you a good study Bible (I always recommend the MacArthur study Bible because of the notes) and start reading the Word every day, and read it to your children. You will be thankful that you started them out on God´s Word at a young age!