The life of a service person is not an easy one.  Many times they serve in several different duty locations.  Sometimes they are able to take family along, and sometimes they cannot. There are times when they have to be separated from family on special occasions, such as holidays, birthdays, and memorable events.  It is not easy to just put those things in the back of their minds and "move on".  

Service personnel, especially those who have served during the time of war, see many things and know many things that the average citizen does not know.  Most of us have no clue of the military secrets that service personnel carry around in their minds daily.  Some men and women who have served during wars have seen horrific things that they cannot un-see, and those images live in the back of their mind for the duration. Sometimes they have to get help to cope; others just bear the weight of that burden on their own.  

The sad part is that once a service person, whether they served in the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard, retires or leaves the military before retirement, they come back to a world that does not appreciate their sacrifice. No service person should ever have to struggle after he or she gave at least three years to a branch of service that works to make sure that America remains free.  No service person should have to beg for health care.  No service person should be hungry or destitute.  No service person should ever be homeless.

Many towns and cities in America where military installations exist see firsthand how veterans are not appreciated.  Visit any veterans hospital across America and look at the people who come there for service. Many times the lines are long, the service is horrible, and family members of those veterans wear frustrated expressions on their faces because they know that what their loved one is experiencing is totally unfair.  Our veterans, especially our war veterans, deserve better.

Coming from a family whose had men serve in the Army, Air Force, and Navy, I can tell you from experience the indignation that I have felt as I watched men like my father not get what they deserved for the time and effort that they put in to keep America free.  From red tape concerning health benefits to nasty attitudes from employees who work for the Veterans Administration, there are books that can be written on how much better our veterans deserve to be treated.

Fortunately for every veteran, this world is not the end.  There is a great eternity waiting for them if they have placed their faith in  the LORD Jesus.  Upon leaving this earth, they will go to a place where there will be no more long lines for healthcare, no more nasty attitudes from customer service representatives, and no more worrying about how they are going to make it.  If heaven is their eternal destination, they will spend all of eternity in the presence of our Savior.  He will give every veteran who has believed the rest that this world does not give.  

If you are a veteran, my heart goes out to you for your service and your sacrifice.  If you have not confessed your sins to the LORD Jesus Christ and placed your faith in Him, I urge you to do so today.  He made the ultimate sacrifice on the cross at Calvary (John 3:16).  He is waiting for you, and will not turn you away if you come to Him in sincerity (John 6:37).  Don't let this moment pass without coming to the LORD, joining His family, and acknowledging what He has done for you (Romans 10:9-13).

Happy Veterans Day!