📖 -📱 Bible vs Mobile I wish I had held my Bible as dearly as my phone, The poor li'l thing doesn't even have a ring tone! She lies there waiting for me glance her way, And never runs out of battery even at end of day. 📖 She offers me wisdom even without an app, serves beautiful content, not the forwarded crap! Her settings are easy and simple to read, Hers is Good News, unlike the world's news feed. 📖 She offers the best selfie you can ever take, A reflection of your soul, you really can't fake. She helps me connect with the most important One, Not one of my calls are dropped, never, none! 🙂 So dear friends, please pick her up and see, Countless missed calls from the One who died on the tree. You'll soon realize it is better than your phone, It rings, it sings and delivers a message right to your bone! 😊 Tring tring!

~Author Unknown